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The Studio


It all started with a child who always said: “When I grow up I want to be a LEGO® engineer”. The passion for LEGO® bricks has helped Riccardo Zangelmi to become the first and only Italian LEGO® Certified Professional (only 19 LCPs in the world). He also founded the BrickVision company that designs and builds models, mosaics, sculptures in LEGO® bricks. Its creations are always customized for companies, individuals, and events.

Riccardo is also an artist and his exhibitions are shown in museums and galleries.

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A Studio where ideas are designed and developed.

The Studio is our headquarters, a space where we develop ideas, give shape to creativity and make videos and photoshoots. It’s a creative atelier and a sort of an artisan factory. And yes, we swim into LEGO® bricks sea!

Designers, video makers, photographers. An amazing creative team!

Riccardo works with a creative team, capable of developing the most ambitious projects: from construction to storytelling, up to the most operational activities.
Only for real dreamers!

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